COLLECTION Window film

permanent or repositionable

Protect yourself from prying eyes, broken glass, heat or even use our film to decorate your windows. Morel offers a complete range of adhesive products and an installation kit...

FILM Privacy

Morel offers a wide choice of privacy film.

Frosted white, frosted grey or graduated, Venetian blind, snow or two-way mirror.

Easy installation on any glass surface

Films anti regard

FILM PRIVACY Frosted grey

FILM PRIVACY Frosted graduated

FILM PRIVACY two-way mirror

FILM PRIVACY Venetian blind

FILM heat-resistant

Our heat-resistant film keeps out up to 78% of radiant heat while protecting against UV rays and letting light through.

FILM Safety

PERMANENT TECHNOLOGY Our safety film is extremely tough and holds windows together if the glass is shattered.

Secures property and protects people while letting in light.

KIT Installation

FOR PERMANENT AND REPOSITIONABLE WINDOW FILM Our kit contains everything you need for fast and efficient installation: 1 squeegee, 1 knife, 1 spray bottle, 1 cloth and clear and legible instructions

Installation videos for permanent and repositionable film Available for store demos and accessed via a QR code on the packaging.
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